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Seasoned Real Estate Investors, Experts in helping nationwide Cash Buyers and Investors build their property portfolio in the State of Florida.

We don't market deals, we find them specifically based on your investment criteria.

Who We Are And How We Can Help You.

At Nest Investors, each member of our team has a plethora of experience in hunting criteria based & off-market real estate investment properties in Florida.

We want to share our deep understanding of the Florida market, with the latest investment systems and strategies that are custom set by our clients, for our clients.

Allow us to connect with you and build a partnership this 2020 and expand your Florida Property portfolio. 

Properties You Want us to Find

Fill in a short 1-on-1 appointment form

We believe in saving your precious time, so we help you fill in your basic criteria and book an appointment phone call based on your availability. We make the call and ensure we reach you.

Your Criteria and Personal details are confidential

Complete transparency and client protection is our work philosophy. We send you a confidentiality agreement form before you give us your detailed criteria over a personal phone call.

100% Criteria based property

Once we have your criteria, we hunt and locate properties meeting your exact needs for a specific zip code, county or city in the State of Florida. 


Commercial & Mixed Portfolio

Office Complexes, retail space, hotel, apartments etc.

Want a more diverse portfolio? Feel free to give us all your criteria for multiple investment opportunities, combining residential & commercial properties in your chosen Florida Market.

We will tailor find your property based on your ideal target NOI & COCR 

Modern Buildings

Residential portfolio

Single Family, Multifamily for Rehab or Rental profits


We will look out for high-yield investment opportunities in a wide range of off-market residential properties in Florida, including single-family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, & apartments.

Hot Markets for residential *

1. Orlando

2. Jacksonville

3. Tampa

4. Fort Lauderdale



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